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Eye Movement Integration (EMI) was developed by Connirae and Steve Andreas of Colorado, USA in 1989. EMI is a neuro-therapeutic method for accessing and integrating traumatic memories and experiences.   EMI is astonishingly rapid in its effects, freeing clients from the burden of unresolved memories of almost any form of trauma - from childhood abuse to car accidents; from rape to natural disasters to combat situations - in just one to six treatment sessions.  EMI is an extraordinary direct means of releasing the power of the mind to heal itself! 

The scope of the workshops is comprehensive, yet the incremental structure of the workshops facilitates progressive acquisition of competence. 

EMI Fundamental Training:

In the Fundamental EMI workshop the primary emphasis will be placed on the roots of EMI, areas of application, EMI and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  In the fundamental workshop attention will also be given to how we register trauma, eye movements and the mind, the evaluation of the client, coping strategies and resources, planning the treatment, preparing the client for intervention, exploring traumatic memory networks, utilizing the 22 eye movement patterns, concluding EMI and ending the sessions.  Special emphasis will be given to when the treatment fails or when it is too overwhelming.  At completion of this workshop professionals will be able to use EMI in their practices.

EMI Advanced Training:

During the Advanced EMI workshop, ways of using EMI to activate and strengthen resources, will be taught. Participants will learn how to use resource activation before, during and after EMI, strengthening resources to meet specific challenges etc. Special emphasis will also be given to the different ways to start EMI, considerations prior to commencing EMI, mixing modalities, working with psychiatric disorders, working with grief, anxiety and depression and working with children. All workshops entail daily practical exercises. The training is a stimulating blend of  theoretical, vicarious, and experiential learning.

The format of the workshop entails daily practical exercises under the personal supervision of the presenter . The workshop will end with 2 hours of lecture/discussion of the ethical, cultural and legal aspects regarding this intervention strategy. Participants will be evaluated on a live demonstration format, where they will have to demonstrate their competence after this intensive training programme.

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*Minimum of 10 people per course*


Cape Town

EMI Fundamental

29-31 August 2019


Group Supervision

14 September 2019


EMI Fundamental/Level 1

11-13 October 2019


Group Supervision

14 November 2019



15-16 November 2019


Group Supervision

17 November 2019

Cape Town

Group Supervision

23 November 2019

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