About the Practice

Minnie Loubser Psychology Practise is located in Hamman Street in Stellenbosch Two psychologists work fulltime under the guidance of Minnie Loubser. We specialise in psychology services like: Solutions Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Ego State Therapy as well as Trauma Counselling. We also offer regular training workshops in Eye Movement Integration and Resource Therapy.

Minnie Jeanné Loubser 

As a clinical psychologist I use my training and experience to guide clients and to help them move towards health, happiness and wellbeing. Clients consult me because of any form of distress. such as depression. anxiety, eating disorders, problems with relationships, problems with adjustment, concentration (ADHD), self-image, "grief and loss, or any form of trauma Human beings can and resolve any form of distress or uncertainty. No issue or problem is too big or too small to bring to therapy.

Thea Coetzee

My hope for my clients is to determine which area of their life needs healing and improvement. I follow a client centred approach and rely on a variety of Therapeutic Approaches (Ego-state Therapy, Eye Movement Integration Therapy, Hypnosis and & Brain Working Recursive Therapy) to assist with your healing and growth.

Elonie de Klerk

As a counselling psychologist I use my training, professional and personal life experience to guide clients to freedom and healing from past traumas. I see clients from all spheres of life and all ages. As a trauma survivor and victor myself, I believe it's possible to heal from any trauma and that we are all able to live the life we were meant to live.

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