Resource Therapy is a psychotherapy, developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson, combining his knowledge of Ego State Therapy, cognitive psychology and client experience.

Gordon Emmerson is Honorary Fellow in the School of Psychology at Victoria University, Melbourne. He is the author of the books 'Ego State Therapy' (2003, 2007, 2010), Advanced Techniques in Therapeutic Counselling (2006), Healthy Parts Happy Self (2012), and Resource Therapy Primer (2014).

Resource therapy is a brief, strength based, trauma informed, parts therapy. It is based on the understanding that the personality is composed of multifaceted parts. These parts are called our resources and we have many resource parts. These parts where created in earlier life stages to help us cope with difficult life situations. At that time, they were functional and necessary, but they may not be helpful in the current situation.  Resource States may be Normal or Pathological. We want all our personality states to be normal. Resource Therapy helps states move to normality.
Resource Therapy had its genesis in the widely known Ego State Therapy and has a rich pedigree in theory and practice. It is also known as Advanced Ego State Therapy as hypnosis is not needed to work with the resource parts directly.



A Resource Therapist is trained to help clients deal with their unwanted thoughts, feelings, beliefs, reactions, and emotions, getting to the very heart of why they have come for help. By bringing the part of the personality that needs help into the conscious, the therapist works directly with the part that is locked in pain, fear, abandonment, neglect, hurt, guilt, trauma, resentment, anger and shame and other unhelpful emotional burdens. Resource therapists facilitate full expression, validation, and empowerment. This facilitates a faster, deep and long-lasting change.

Duration of course:

This a full 10 day course from 08H30 to 17H30 with breaks for tea and lunch. It is broken into segments of 2-3 days each. Program detail and all relevant material will be sent out each day prior to commencement of workshop. This course is comprised of daily practical sessions.

Anticipated outcomes: 

The format of the workshop entails practical exercises every day of training under the personal supervision of the presenter which means the participant is able to use the new skill from day 1 of training.

Please note that you will need to complete 12 hours of Group Supervision before you can be certified.


Day 1-3

Location: Online
Dates: 16 -18 October 2024

Day 4-5

Location: Online
Dates: 24 - 25 October 2024

Day 6-8

Location: Online
Dates: 6 - 8 November 2024

Day 9-10

Location: Online
Dates: 14 - 15 November 2024

RT Group Supervision

Location: Online
Dates: 15 March 2024, 26 July 2024, 29 November 2024


CPD Points: 64 General ceu’s and 1 ceu in ethics

Registration deadlines:
50% (Fifty) required upon registration and full payment FOUR (4) weeks prior to starting date. Registration closes 4 weeks prior to starting date.

Registration Details:
Minimum of 10 (ten) participants per workshop in order for the workshop to proceed.

Cost (South Africa Only):
R10 000.00 per person for Resource Therapy Day 1 - 5
R10 000.00 per person for Resource Therapy Day 6 - 10
R3 850.00 (12hrs) Group Supervision (Compulsory) - (64 general ceu’s in total)

To register, simply download the registration form via the button below and send it to Ilse at mjloubser@emitherapy.co.za.


Please note that the application forms on the website is only subject to South Africa as each country works differently. Please take note of the terms and conditions on each registration form.




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